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ASEAN Alliance of Traditional Medicine Industries

Myanmar Traditional Medicine Industries Association
Indonesia Herbs & Traditional Medicine Association - GP Jamu
Malaysian Council for Traditional Medicine Industries
Chamber of Herbal Industries of the Philippines, Inc.
Thailand Herbal Products Association
Singapore TCM Organizations Committee


On the 21 st day of May 2009 in the Philippines, AATMI was founded by Lito M. Abelarde, CHIPI; Abdul Ghani on behalf of Dr. Charles Saerang, GP JAMU; Ting Ka Hua, MCTMI; Lee Tiong Sa, STOC and Phaisal Vejpongsa, HPA. Maung Maung Oo, Myanmar MTMIA joined AATMI on 13th day of November 2013. On these two (2) occasions, Memorandum of Agreement was signed.

AATMI are six (6) ASEAN Member States’ (AMS) Industry Associations of Traditional Medicines Industry, AGREEING that together with their respective member companies, the AMS Industry Associations—

  • shall join hands to develop and tap the market for natural products comprising Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements in the ten (10) AMS
  • encourage, intensify and widen cooperation among themselves in the fields of research and development, technology transfer, production and marketing through collaboration
  • support the harmonization of TMHS standards and regulations in the ASEAN in the manner that will truly represent the national and ASEAN-regional interests where the ultimate beneficiaries will be the AMS citizens and TMHS industries, and will not encourage the environment of unfair competition

AATMI sits as one of the two (2) industry representatives in the ASEAN Consultative Committee on Standards and Quality Traditional Medicine and Health Supplement Product Working Group or ACCSQ TMHSPWG.


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